When most people first experience the fun that slot games have to offer, they will often go for the simple three reel one pay line versions. These are still lots of fun but the slot games have advanced dramatically from these versions.

Now, there are video slot games that are made up of five or more reels and multiple pay lines. These can sometimes set you up for hundreds of variations of winning combinations so you are likely to get at least some winnings.

The graphics and soundtracks have advanced and many of these 3D versions of the slot games are so realistic that it is hard to believe that you are not intertwined into the themes.

Themes are also another big advancement that has taken place in the variations of the slot games. For example, there are many book themed slot games where the book of the game icons happens to be the ones for creating the big wins. The icons usually match the title theme of the slot and set the environment for the gameplay which is matched with an appropriate and exciting soundtrack.

These new slot games have also created additional chances of winning some substantial money. They have done this by adding extra bonus games. These can range from mystery gifts, or random play and the use of wilds that will cascade to fill the screen and create some additional winning combinations.

The free spin feature is also something new that has been added to the slot games of today. This is where you get to play with free money because you don’t pay for the number of free spins that you have been allotted. In order to get these free spins, you have to land a combination of some designated icons that are applicable to that specific slot game that you are playing.