If you are not a casino player yet then you may not have had the chance to enjoy slot games. You most likely have heard about them and know that there are a great many people who enjoy them, but you really don’t know what they have to offer.

The object of playing a slot game is to get a combination of symbols that will pay you a certain amount of money. The amount that you can win is decided by a few important factors discussed below.

The number of coins you bet

Each slot will have a specific number of pay lines and on each of these, you can bet a certain number of coins. Each slot game will have a minimum and a maximum number of coins that you are allowed to bet.

The coin value

Something else that a slot machine will have is a coin value that is placed on the coins that you are betting.

The winning combinations

The slot game will have a selection of symbols or icons, where each will have a value. The combination of symbols that you get and the value that has been placed on them will dictate how much you win and the amount will be determined by the number of coins and coin value that you have chosen.

The Extras

Slot games also offer additional ways that you can earn money from your betting. They may have bonus games, and/or free spins. These are the ways where you get the chance to win more without having to spend your own money.

In addition to all of this, there are many different themes that the slot games are made up of. One that is a favourite of many is the “Book” themes. Most often, the book icon in these games is what leads to some great winnings.